MTBNB: a Friendship Story

Mountain Biking connected us ten years ago when we started riding on the world famous trail of La Megavalanche in Reunion Island. Since then, this passion never left us and we are still enjoying together our local trails and beyond.


Our lives brought us around the world and our bikes always followed. In this way, we have been exploring local trails in Europe, Africa and Canada.


Through these experiences, we noticed that the world is full of amazing trails, and we believe that every mountain biker should ride them all with great people!


Jonathan and Sebastien, co-founders

MTBNB: from an idea to a project

As mountain bike enthusiasts, we quickly understood that traveling with our bikes is the best way to explore the world. Indeed, there is no better feeling than riding new trails, discovering new sceneries and meeting amazing people.

However, it has always been a trouble to organize our trips. We struggled to find local riding buddies to guide us through the best trails and to book bike-friendly accommodations. After hearing from the Mountain Bike community, we concluded that others are facing the same challenges.

From that point, we thought about a solution to make Mountain Bike trips easier. That is how Mountain Bike Buddies adventure started!

MTBNB helps mountain bikers to connect and share friendly rides

MTBNB will enable mountain bikers to find local riding buddies who will guide them through the best trails in their area and provide an accommodation if needed. By hosting mountain bikers, you will be able to offer unique riding experiences on your favorite spots and make new friends!

On MTBNB web application it will be possible to search for locals by using geolocalization, riding level, and discipline filters. Once you find your riding buddy, schedule and book your mountain bike experience with him or her!

By joining us you will also have the opportunity to share your photos and great stories about your last ride. From riders, trails associations, professional guides, and brands, MTBNB is the hub for everyone who loves mountain bike!

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